All Corio Velo coaches are participants in the game. We are all racing or participating in the sports that we coach.

Our philosophy is to improve your PERFORMANCE and get you on the podium.

So while we list our resume, when you come to Corio Velo , we FOCUS on YOU...

UPON your inquiry, we assign a coach to you. This helps the athlete get a one on one plan at an AFFORDABLE price.

Lead Coach
William Pruett

About Me

I have been in the athletic, medical and multi-sport arena for 20 years. My first triathlon was 1988. Since then I have either raced or been involved in the background of cycling, triathlon and general athletics (cross country, field hockey) and multi-sport.

Credentials :

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (Texas Tech University)
  • Naval Aerospace Medical Institute Technician( United States Navy)
  • KONA World Champonship Finisher
  • 30 plus Marathons Completed
  • 30 X Ironman Distance Races Started
  • Triple Iron/Anvil Official Finisher-2015 (distance 7.8 mile swim, 336 mile bike, 78.6 mile run)
  • Double Iron/Anvil Official Finisher- 2011 (distance 4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike 52.4 mile run)
  • 1 x DOUBLE Iron plus Distance finisher ( 7.8 mile swim, 336 mile bike, 31 mile run)
  • 2 x IRON/ANVIL plus distance finisher (4.8 mile run, 224 mile bike, 26.2 mile run)
  • IRONMAN Legacy Athlete
  • 4 x 5K Swim official Finisher
  • 5 x 24 hour Ultracycling Race Finisher
  • 60 plus Triathlons ranging from Sprint to Olympic Distance Triathlons

Coach Steve Coder

My name is Steve Coder and I am one of the trainers at Coriovelo. I’m 53 years old and what many would consider to be a confirmed “fitness nut”. I currently participate in various distances of Triathlon having done somewhere over 70 in my career. I am also an avid “Charity Runner” supporting the greater community by participating in numerous 5K and 10K races throughout the year along with several Charity Bike Rides. I also try to mix a Spartan Race into my schedule every year, just to do something different.

With all of that said, I am not competitive in the least bit in any of these events. For me, Fitness is a Lifestyle, it is a habit that I try to practice on a daily basis. It keeps me moving and feeling young and I love the people I get to meet and share the experience with along the way.

My personal philosophy on fitness is that athletes come in all shapes and sizes. An athlete is not always the person that is cut-up and looks like a Fitness Model. An athlete is someone that gets in there and is willing to sweat, do the work and improve every day, every week and every year. To use the old cliché’, Fitness is a journey. If you choose to embrace Fitness, your journey will be different than mine and that’s OK. We should never look at other people and make their outward appearance our goal. Instead, we should look at ourselves and concentrate on what we can get out of what we have to work with and accept and appreciate what we can get done with that.

If you’re willing to do the work, take on the never quit attitude, I promise to do my part in helping you achieve your goals. I only run small classes. (This is not Boot Camp Training). I do this so that I can focus on form and correct technique. My classes are fun! I encourage banter amongst everyone. We always have some form of “Old School Rock” in the background because, frankly, that’s my generation and the new stuff just repeats the same lines over and over and over…. If you like AC/DC, Pink Floyd or the Eagles, you have found the right place.

About the class…. We typically start on Spin Bikes for a 20-30 minute warm up. In the course of that WU, we do drills with speed and power. On Tuesdays, we get off the Bike and work for 30-45 minutes on upper-body strength and core strengthening. On Thursdays, we Spin and then it’s off the work those legs and glutes with core mixed in. In my sets off the bike, in addition to the strength exercise, we intermix cardio that encourages coordination and balance, just to keep the heart rate up. Typically, 10 stations a workout at somewhere between 30-60 seconds a piece.

If this sounds tough, it can be but, realizing everyone is at a different fitness level or has different mobility issues, we modify exercises and time limits so that everyone remains participating. In all honesty, I am humbled by the folks that attend my class. They have become a part of my family and watching them make measurable improvements motivates me to be there. I’ll repeat this one more time because it is the most important aspect of what we do. WE HAVE FUN!