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CorioVelo is a multi-sport coaching and consulting company dedicated to training athletes in cycling, triathlon, Ironman, ultracycling, recumbent cycling and ultra endurance. We help individuals achieve their ideal level of fitness, resulting in optimum performance.

At Corio Velo, we work with the athlete who has been working toward an athletic goal. We Analyze your current fitness levels and workouts, and then we refine them to meet your goals.

We work with other fitness professionals. The fitness and exercise world is too broad for any one individual to have expertise in every training technique. For Example, if you work with a personal trainer for your strength training, we work alongside this individual to meet your specific objectives. This gives our athletes a broader spectrum. and sometimes a better option and opinion for their physicality.

For those who want to achieve maximum performance potential, consulting and coaching is the best course of action for the serious athlete.

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About William Pruett

I have been in the athletic, medical and multi-sport arena for 20 years. My first triathlon was 1988. Since then I have either raced or been involved in the background of cycling, triathlon and general athletics (cross country, field hockey) and multi-sport. read more

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Coaching and Consulting

  • Cycling
  • Iron Distance (140.6 miles)
  • Half Ironman (70.3 miles)
  • Triathlon
  • Ultra Cycling
  • Ultra Endurance
  • Swimming
  • Running




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